Midwest Woodworks, LLC


2019 Highway 22

Kalona, Iowa

about midwest woodworks

A little about the Amish...

The Amish of Kalona, Iowa are a hardworking, peace loving group of people. 

They live without the use of electricity and direct access to telephones-they have "phone shacks" by the roads across the community. They also do not use rubber tires, only steel wheels. 

Their way of life is very simple, and they thrive on hard work. 

It shows through the quality of their work-and into the furniture they build. 

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Welcome to Midwest Woodworks! 

Midwest Woodworks is a furniture store owned by Marlin Gingerich, an Amishman. 

Midwest Woodworks offers 100% genuine Amish crafted furniture. It's top quality, with quiet fashion 

to top it off. You can find full bedroom suites, dining room amenities, living room furniture and more! Marlin will be at the store and more than happy to answer all of your questions.

To get an idea of what he offers, take the virtual tour and if you have any questions, just call us at the number above.  To view the 360x180 virtual tour of the store, just click "Take the Tour."